Disable/Change Character Blueprints in Different Maps?

Is there a way to change or disable the Blueprints that I have put into my PlayerCharacter, in a different Map?

The Problem is, in my MainMenu_Map I add the MainMenu_Widget (Play, Quit etc.)…BUT then my PlayerCharacter_HUD gets added to Viewport by the PlayerCharacter_Blueprints with Delay. (which is wantend in my First Level)
I already managed to cancel out Music and Cues, by playing them in the LevelBlueprint, but I cant do that with the HUD_Widget, since A LOT of Variables like Hunger,Thirst,Health,Stamina etc. were set in the CharacterBlueprint.
Changing that would be a hell of work :confused:

Now when I start the MainMenu. Everything is alright. I can use every WidgetButton correctly, but after 20sec. the Player_HUD gets added to the screen. (by the Delay that I mentioned)
But of course I dont want this to happen in the MenuMaps. Just in the GameMaps…

Any suggestions? ._.

Greetings from Germany

I “kinda” found a very poor workaround for it xD
I KNOW ther must be a better way to do this, but I’ll still post my solution here for other people.

First I clean all the other widgets, then after the Delay when my HUD_Widget would be triggered, I instantly remove all widgets and apply only my Menu_Widget again within a split second.
(My PC runs with 120FPS and even I couldnt see it appear/disapear)
I’m still pretty new to unreal engine so DONT DO THIS if you know it better xD
It’s a very sad try, but at least it works :smiley:

If any of you know how to do this properly, pls let me and the community know :smiley:

I fixed it now completly by just making a new GameMode for the MenuMaps AND a new Character, containing only a Capsule and a Camera without any form of Input. Just had to set the “MenuGameMode” for every MenuMap.
Works perfectly fine for me. So I’ll close this here as answered. But i’ll let everything in for the community. Maybe it helps someone :slight_smile:

You should use different game modes with different controllers for each map. If you still need some function of your original player controller or character you can make a main class and one for each map inherit from the main, adding/overiding method as you need.

An other solution can be to create a “manager class”, an actor class who contain exposed parmameter that you can edit depending of the map (you can get if by by “Get all actor of class” node).

BTW the solution you found is the right one, depending what you have to achieve you can consider to make all your game modes/ player controllers inherit from a main one.

I already resolved it.
Surprisingly pretty much the way you recommended it to me :smiley:
So I’ll still give you a UpVote ^-^
I really appreciate your reply : 3

btw. how can I set a Threat here as RESOLVED? :o

Nevermind. I found it :slight_smile:

Thanks again ^-^