Disable all fog and post processing effects when moving into a building.

I have a very primitive knowledge of blueprinting and exponential height fog. I have a level where the player moves inside. Is there a way to just disable all the outdoor effects when the player moves inside?

Create a post process volume, or may need more than 1 depending on the shape of the rooms / building, and set its priority to higher than the outdoor PPV. Disable the Unbound option in it too, and adjust Blend Radius and Blend Weight so it transitions how you intend for it.

You could handle it through volume triggers. Place one on the interior of the doorway and another on the exterior and have them disable or enable your outdoor effects when the players enter/exit. You’ll want to make sure you do this for every possible entry point so it is consistent. =)

With the heightfog you’ll just need to create a reference to it in your level blueprint and modify it through your custom event that you’ll call when entering/exiting.