DirectX 11 required for Reflections?


I have a nvidia GTX285 and i noticed that Screenspace reflections don’t work.
My card supports DirectX 10 but not 11, so my question is whether is DirectX11 required for Screenspace reflections in UE4?

Can you define “don’t work”?

Also I think that SSRs work /better/ with directx 11 but aren’t just completely not functional or anything with directx 10.

Well, in the “reflections” project (the underground) there are no reflections (or almost no) on the ground, compared to the preview images.
But to be more specific in the “content examples” project in the “reflections” map, the sphere at the ScreenSpace reflections should (i guess) reflect the 2 rotating meshes but they are completely invisible in the reflection.
I’ve attached some images to show the problem.

Your Reflections from the Reflections project are static reflections no SSR.
With Shader Model 4.0 simulation enabled i got SSR. (I’m using a DX11 card).
Anyway, i remember work with a 9800GTX+ using DX10 with working SSR.

Check the Quality of your effects in the Settings. (Low, Medium = No SSR)

Thanks, it was the settings. I set it to high and the reflections are now visible.
Thanks again.