Director Tools is a powerful Unreal Engine 4 plugin for creating animated content inside Editor in real time.

From simple object movement and skeletal mesh animation to complex material parameters and advanced camera manipulation - this plugin provides everything that you need to feel like a movie director.

Core feature of the plugin is versatile and user friendly timeline that allows you to change property, of any object, over time.
All basic properties, like vector, bool and color are supported, along with more complex - skeletal mesh animation.

Advanced export settings and parameters provides great control over how the output file (or files) should look like.
Director Tools allows you create any animation sequence, from simple door opening to a fully featured, dynamic fighting scene.
It can be used for showcasing 3D assets and pre-visualisation or even movie creation.

In the near future we plan to release non-linear sequence editing, curve editor, audio support and more!

Check out pre-release trailer!

Quick Features Videos:

Tutorial Videos:

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We believe that our product provides much easier workflow than Matinee.
Users not familiar with UE will be able to get desired results much faster without the need of spending hours on tutorials.
And those who know Matinee will for sure appreciate much clearer timeline, keyframe editing, instant preview and video export.
With DT plugin, you are just few clicks away from exporting your scene into a video file or image sequence.

We are aware that Epic’s Sequencer is on it’s way and experimental version is already accessible for everyone.
We will wait until full release to compare our product with Sequencer. It’s just too early for now.

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Very interested in this.

Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

What about rendering, is it possible to render image sequence or movies with this plugin ?

also do you have a roadmap for rendering with alpha channels?

Check your Inbox :slight_smile:

Director Tools supports both videos and image sequences (Video output is limited to FullHD resolution).

In terms of “alpha channels”, it’s already implemented. It works as an additional render pass for all objects with “Render CustomDepth Pass” flag enabled. You get 8-bit, black and white mask (it’s great for compositing).

Here’s the example:


This looks promising. Looking forward to seeing more soon!

Yes, I would buy this for sure.

A UE4 plugin that turns into a Source Filmmaker Software!? IT’S OVER 9000!

Interesting tool, I’ll watch the thread.

Very impressive! Pro work))

I would not wait on the marketplace, there a few developers waiting for months now on the marketplace serving plugins

Thank you for your comments!

We are aware of that. The plugin should be available on our website in about 4 weeks. I’ll post more updates until then.

Has the price tag been decided yet?

Probably around $50 for Freelance licence.

This does look really interesting.
Any discount for early supporters =D

This looks a lot like the cry engine way of making cutscenes, which i am used to. but as a small time developer it would probably be a smarter decision to go for matinee instead of this.

50 does sound like a great deal… aah, it looks really good.

great job :wink:

Looks interesting :slight_smile:

Will keep my eye on this and sequencer :slight_smile:

Could be just what the doctor ordered! Will it support EXR files? I’d hope so since UE can do it, but only on a single screenshot.

Yes it will. You’ll be able to export 32bit EXR image sequences with only those render passes you chose. We’re currently testing this feature and we want to include it in version 1.0. However, for some reason “high resolution screenshot” function doesn’t work fine for us in the newest UE releases. It exports 32bit EXR, but color depth is lost. It looks like a regular 8bit image.


Here’s a quick feature video - Post Process Animation:

This is awesome! I’m very hyped on this…is there an eta?