Directionnal Light cause strange shadows

I have a problem: i create BP for my interactive furniture, i have one main part, rest parts attach to that, and parts is moveble, with directional light it looks like this.

I cheked hub on this issue, and found what i can try to turn on option Light as if Static, but it is not working in construction script! I cannot turn this on dynamically created object.

Next screenshot made with point light, and without any problem.

Hi Protoss,

This happens when a movable actor, like your drawer, has to be lit in an indirectly lit area. The movable actor uses the indirect lighting cache to blend in with the environment.

This is covered in the documentation here: Indirect Lighting Cache in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

To reduce this you can increase the number of samples placed by adjusting the volume sample placement to use a lower value, making them more densely packed when placed via the World Settings, or you can try using the ILCQ option in the actors level details panel and switching it from ICLQ Point to ILCQ Volume instead without changing the World Settings.


Thanks a lot, i solved my problem with ICLQ Off. Only in this case there is no artifacts.