Directional light shadows

HI, I have a problem with the directional light shadows not show in real-time in viewport, it light the objects but no see the shadows, when I build the light it appears but right after I rotate the light the shadows disappears. The otter’s lights works fine. Unreal is a great program I intended to use as architecture visualization software, and view the sun light in real-time is kind of important. Thanks in advice.

This is the picture with the problem:

Sorry if it not clear but English is not my first language.

Hi Cemg19,

If you need to view the light all the time without baking you can use the Movable setting to get dynamic lighting. Stationary will do this where you need to bake the lighting to see the final results. You can use Movable until you get everything set the the way you like and when/if you need to bake lighting you can do so at that point.


Thaaaaanks!!! noob question answered