Directional Light Reflection going through landscape mountain?

Hi all,
at it again with this water shader.
right now I have the exact issue of the title of the topic.

I have a pretty tall mountain range, long shadows which work, however, as I’m finally nearing the end of a viable ocean shader for the scene, the reflections are reflecting light while inside the shadowed area.

All that SEs are coming up with is garbage about turning off the directional light, which is just that. Garbage. The sun is up. The mountain is in the way. There is 0 reason I should get any light bouncing off the mesh while in the shadowed area.

Since the shadows do work, and they do apply to the material as well despite it being transparent, I’m at a loss as to why this is still happening. There are reports of this being an issue on/off since 2015.
apparently it’s an issue in 4.22 with screen space reflections?
I’m hoping that maybe someone is aware of a super secret setting.

I dont really want to use global clip planes / planar reflections. They add too much to the scene and it’s already horrible as it is with around 30fps avg (I have to optimize foliage a lot).

I could rotate everything and make the sun not pass through the mountain, but i kinda like it where it’s at. So I figure I’d ask here before going in and doing just that…

Upgraded the project to 4.23 - I can’t publish due to build errors, but the shining through issue is gone at least.