Directional Light not staying at desired position

Hello, guys!

To sum it up, I have an archviz project with different rooms and I want to light each one in a different way (I’m using the Sun and Sky and changing the Directional Light component that comes with it). Each room has its own level.

The problem is that after I set up the directional light the way I want it to look, the following situation is happening:

  1. Directional Light as “Movable” → works fine in the viewport, but when I hit play the light goes back to the original position and not the way I set it up;

  2. Directional as “Static” → works fine in the viewport and when I hit play. But when I load another level and go back to this previous level the directional light returns to its original position.

This is happening with every level. I don’t know, but it looks like the directional light is “locked” in a certain position and no matter the changes I make, it always comes back to this position.

Obs.: Yep, I’ve build the lights after doing the changes

I’m adding some images to exemplify it.


The light the way I want

The light going back to its original position (sun rays not entering the room)