Directional light not lighting normal in material on mobile

I am using a directional light with my sky sphere.

On desktop you can see light shines on the normal in the material:


On mobile, it does not:


When i enable cast shadow on the directional light, it enables a little bit of the lighting on mobile (you may need to zoom in to see, but it’s there)



  1. Why does enabling cast shadows on the directional light, enable some of the lighting to appear in the normal in mobile?
  2. How do i get the light to look the same as in desktop? What options am i misunderstanding here?

I’ve been on this for about 15 hours now with not much progress.


Anything i can add to this to make it easier to answer?

This is relevant: Mobile Previewer | Unreal Engine Documentation - If i change to android preview renderer i can reproduce the poor lighting on the sea

Any chance someone has any thoughts on this :slight_smile: