Directional Light and Sky light - Black assets / shadows

Hello forum!

After adding in a few assets, and removing the default assest from the 3rd person template, my assets suddenly turned “black”.

I’m not quite sure what caused this, or why it’s looking like this. Nor do I know how to resolve this lighting problem.
Here’s my lighting settings (I haven’t touched these settings what so ever:

Sky light:

Directional Light:

Any help is appreciated!

i think you are using a stationary sky light try building the light or make it dynamic

Alright. Making the sky light movable did the trick. I guess it’s because I’m missing some lightmap information?

when using a stationary light it need to be built it offer a great quality but it’s not dynamic so by putting the light dynamic you don’t nned to build the light and lower the performences

here is the docummentation page : Lighting the Environment | Unreal Engine Documentation

for further information i’m here