Directional light acts as a radial light

Hi there!
I’m trying to build a little test level for android.
I placed a directional light in the scene to have an uniform light, but when i play the level on my mobile phone, the directional light acts as a “radial light” with the center highly illuminated and the top borders without light, as you can see in the picture. Is there a way to obtain an uniform light in mobile levels? Can You help me?
Thank you!

What is that surface’s material like? And is it a spherical shape?

The surface’s material is a box. It’s not a spherical shape.

I notice that in the editor there is the same issue. Can you help me?

Hi Rawcode -

I would suggest using a skylight as an ambient light in your scene as opposed to the directional light. Unchecking Lower Hemisphere is black will allow a uniform omni light in all directions.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum