Direct Link Rhino 7 & UE 4.27


I can’t find any information about how to establish Datasmith Direct Link between Rhino 7 and UE 4.27.
Is it supposed to work like synching is working between Rhino and Twinmotion?


Also needing information on this. Seems there’s very little to be found ATM…

I don’t know how the connection between Rhino and Twinmotion works, but direct link for me seems to work like this:

With the Rhino Datasmith plugin installed you simply click on synchronize and switch back to your running UE project for the Datasmith Runtime component to update. Direct link doesn’t seem to be a live update though, so you need to click synchronize everytime you would like to update.

Check this out for more info on Datasmith runtime

Hello all,

at the moment direct link will work with a packaged application in UE4.27 using the datasmith runtime plugin.
The work to have Rhino7 and other applications with direct link connected to the editor is still in progress and is planned for UE5.

More details can be found on the link provided by a_prototype. ^

Thanks UE_FlavienP. Exciting to hear that direct linking to the editor will (hopefully) come with UE5. Do you know if PBR materials will transfer in the Rhino > UE5 connection?

Currently, they don’t:

Hi Guys, the same problem. For me, it works in run time in the Collab Viewer Template, but in the compiled application, it doesn’t work. The app simply doesn’t see it.

Hello Arredatore,
can you try to launch your packaged application with “-messaging” option? Create a shortcut and add the option in the command line.

I asked the documentation to be updated to add this step.


Thank you @UE_FlavienP it works now


This might help some of you. I was having the same issue, not being able to connect Rhino to Twinmotion. Even if both applications were open, the connections window said there were no available engines to connect. After searching online for hours I gave up since there’s no information, just to realize that I just had to go to Twinmotion and import my Rhino file through the DirectLink tab once the two programs were running.

Hi there, works in editor after I click the direct link button I added to the actor under details. where exactly do I add the -messaging command to supposedly get it to pop up a window to link to in a packaged version.

Do I right click the shortcut, go to properties, then add -messaging under ‘target’ ?

Once it’s been added, in the application, do I have to do anything? hit space bar etc. ?


When you say it works in editor, you are compiling UE5 from source?

The -messaging option is to add to the shortcut of your package app, no need in editor AFAIK.
If you make a custom UE runtime application you will need to launch it passing the “-messaging” (Twinmotion already does that). The good way to do that is as you describe, add the -messaging under target of the shortcut.

Sadly we do not have a pretty UI already made for you to use.
You will have to make a custom widget and use the blueprints listed here:




Just to clarify. I followed the using Datasmith at Runtime Tutorial. The last thing it mentions is to

Start your source application and run the project by clicking the Play button. Select your Anchor in the World Outliner and click the Direct Link Update button in the Details panel. Then, click the Synchronize with Direct Link button in your source application. You will see your Datasmith content appear in your Level using the import options specified in the Blueprint.

This works fine. It directly links to Revit which is my goal but when I compile, I don’t have access to the World Outliner so I can’t click the button to Direct Link. Unfortunately, this is where the tutorial finishes.

I guess I’m just confused with what -messaging accomplishes? In the tutorial, the top most image shows a black window that appears showing Destination, Anchor, Source, Location. Getting this window to appear doesn’t seem to be in the tutorial.

How do I get this window to show or simply the Direct Link button, or is there a different method?

Seems like the tutorial has a few more steps to go for a packaged version.

Thanks again UE_FlavienP

At runtime you must use the blueprint methods listed in the documentation linked to access the datasmith runtime functionalities. There is no UI linked to it so you have to make your own widgets if you want to do some source browsing and management.

As a first test you could just do a function that browse the sources and open the first one.

You can get an example if you look at the UI in the Collab Viewer project: in Content/CollaborativeViewer/Blueprints/Commands/DataSmith/UMG/ starting with the DREndpointUI widget.

Custom runtime application has some network communication limitation and you will get no sources listed by the blueprint function. This is where the “-messaging” option comes in to make sure all network functionalities are enabled for your runtime application.

This makes more sense. Once I wrap my head around blueprints a bit more, ill try to implement. Thanks.

Hey UE_FlavienP. Has anyone mentioned that the Collab Template when you click the VR icon at the top right, crashes SteamVR 1.20.4 and the application? I’ll start a thread if not.

You can start a new thread, and I will pass it to a colleague.