From Rhino 7, Datasmith drops roughness texture map

I have a Rhino 7 model set up with PBR materials. Using the datasmith exporter 4.27, the materials created in UE do not include the roughness map from the Rhino materials. Bug? Workarounds other than manually correcting everything?

Hi Subtect !

PBR Materials are currently converted to Custom materials under the hood, and roughness is not part of the supported properties.

Supported properties are :

  • Color
  • Gloss finish
  • Reflectivity
  • Transparency
  • Blending the base color/transparency with a texture
  • Bump map

The focus of this release is to translate the most obvious informations to Unreal.
We do not have a timeline yet for support of more properties out of the box.

Cheers !

Thank you so much for the fast response Antoine, in spite of it being bad news for me. Effectively you are saying that the addition of PBR materials in Rhino 7 is not supported by Datasmith.

This is really regrettable, since they are two PBR supporting softwares that can’t share that info. We have been setting up all our PBR materials in Rhino so we can do fast still renders in the viewport using cylces, assuming that all those PBR materials could be painlessly ported over to UE4 for additional deliverable types. I had thought the whole PBR platform was supposed to provide a standard format for exactly this kind of interoperability… for whatever it is worth, if this could be bumped up as a development priority, it would be appreciated. Thanks again.


We’re in the same boat.

Communicating meshes between software is hard enough (currently we’re working with Rhino, Unreal Engine and TwinMotion, and the scaling/mesh normals is a pain to work around), but the materials is giving us a much bigger pain.

I was hoping PBR materials could be a nice standard to work around but I found the same as above, that some properties are exported, and others not.

Just adding my support for this, hoping that it could be added soon.