Dip to Black Effect and scene transitions

I am trying to figure outhow to do a scene transition with a dip to black. I guess the dip to black is a post effect, but how do you switch out a scene? It’s a basic question but having trouble locating the information.

check out the matinee fade to black .

and also look into level streaming.

Have you tried this yet with a GearVR scene?

I cannot get any matinees to work on a GearVR build out, works fine in editor and on windows build out even from the mobile project settings for gaerVR set up…

I achieve this in my projects by adding a director track to a matinee then add a fade-out track under that, set keyframes to fade it in and out as you want. Then also add an event track to the same matinee and create a keyframed event called ‘teleport’ or whatever - added to the point when the fade out is black.

Then in your blueprint with the matinee selected right click and add a matinee controller. You should see the event you created. You can then link this to either a ‘console - load map’ node or a ‘setactorlocationandrotation’ node to teleport them to somewhere else in the same map. You then also need to do an opposite matinee and fade it back in.

An alternate method which I have just noticed in the showdown demo is to have a black-materialed sphere around the player with the materials opacity linked to a matinee. You then just make the sphere opaque/black as you wish. Load up the demo and you can see it there

I created this effect by attaching an invisible sphere around the actor with a dynamic material, then via blueprint I animate the opacity with a timeline by pressing a key.
It sounds stupid, but if it works then it’s not stupid :slight_smile: