Dinamic intensity of Skylight inside of room or cave

There is an issue to do normal Skylight on a surface of the world and decrease or fully switch off it in rooms or caves.
The main problem is I can’t know in advance where the caves or rooms will be created and destructed. It can be done by player in any place on the map.

The world has day and night. All objects are dynamic objects.

I need some solution how to adjust the Skylight to achieve normal light on the surface and really dark caves.

Thanks in advance.

Well, for some really dynamic environment I’d try to use low resolution captured cubemap.

To do this you need to add SceneCaptureCube component to character and use texture it rendered in Sky Light or in camera post process settings.

I don’t know is sky light component added to character generates DFAO, but in case it doesn’t, you can add regular sky light into map, set its source type to “specified cubemap”, and set simple black texture in it (or any texture but set it’s tint to black). This will hide skylight reflections, but still generates DFAO. Then you take rendered cubemap from capture component and set into camera post process ambient cubemap.

This must be updated every tick, and may cause performance issues.

I’m not tried this on practice, but theoretically it should work.