Diifference between objective has overlapping uvs and object has wrapping uvs?


This may be a stupid question, but what is the difference between an object having overlapping uvs and then wrapping uvs.

I was getting errors about “Object has overlapping uvs” on my meshes not having secound UV channels, I fixed that following the advice on here by creating or importing a second UV channel. I then chose this light channel in the lightmass index, but after building lighting now the error has changed to “Object has wrapping uvs”. What’s the difference here?



This thread ned answered

same issue here bruv

Overlapping UVs means you have overlapping polys within the 0-1 space, wrapping means you have polys/shells that cross the borders of that space.

Pictures are easier to understand…

Thank you!!

little late, but its the Only thread I can find that is a recent.
I get object has no wrapping UVs,and from 2014 ue4 forum post ,they say generate uV’s in mesh editor, but there is no button saying that, ie mesh was created in engine and I made static mesh out of it in editor as well.

Do I just use UV > and choose one is that the new ‘generate UV’ way of fixing this error ?