Digital Human SSS - Scattering from back lighting?

So I’ve been trying for hours to get light to scatter THROUGH the ears of my character like in the Digital Human example from Epic (see attached). I tried using their same material on my character and I get some scattering from the side. But when lit from the back the ears are opaque.

The only way I seem to be able to get light to scatter from behind is to set the Shading Model to “Subsurface” instead of “Subsurface Profile”, which is fine for a candle but doesn’t work for a character.

Any suggestions?

Sub surf scattering has been broken (and reported with no answer) since .21

You’re probably right. Makes me wonder how they got it to work properly in the demo (which I opened and took screen shots of in 4.26). I tried unscrambling the material but it’s too complex for my pay grade.

Seems like it should just work.