Digital Human problem, rendering?


I am pretty new to Unreal Engine, but have previously played around with 3D software like Blender so have a basic understanding of materials/textures, nodes and rendering, but I am having trouble with one thing in UE4.

This is probably a stupid question, but is there some process to render a model? I ask this because in UE4 the Digital Human model just doesn’t look as good as in the official Youtube video of the Digital Human project. The hair especially, looks all jagged and not smooth. Is there some extra process to make it look like the video?

I already tried taking a screenshot using the ~ prompt, but the screnshot just looks the same as what I see in UE4. I don’t know how to get the polished result that is shown in the video, hopefully someone can help me with this…

@AlXi_04 This is a bit of an open ended question, it could depend on so many things ( like your hardware for instance ). The closest thing to ‘rendering’ in UE is ‘building’ the level, that will set up more realistic lighting etc. But again, it really depends what you’re doing with it, building lighting may not help much if you have movement of certain aspects.

See the Build button on the toolbar at the top…