Diffing between two static meshes actors


I’m using the epic zen garden for a project but can’t view the cherry blossom twigs in the viewport - did a bit of debugging and tried to check if it was hidden in the tree blueprint // the materials but it isn’t.

Also tried copying the exact same static mesh but changing the mesh to a different one encase it was the type of actor but that still left the static mesh hidden.

So now what I’m trying to do is find the difference between two static mesh components, you can diff between two blueprints but I was wondering if you could do this with static meshes aswell.

Thanks in advance!!


I’ve not delved into this much but i did have the project still on my machine so i opened it up for a look.

I believe the problem centers around the Material Parameter Collection “LeafTouchParam”. The StaticMeshViewer viewport does not reflect the current values on the collection for some reason while the level does show its current values.

If you open the LeafTouchParam material collection and find Entry 3 in the ScalarParameters list you will see “FullTree”. Setting this to 1 shows the leaves in level.

ahh! Thanks so much for the reply - yup that worked :slight_smile: