Difficulties with enclosed room lighting, can't see the roof

Long story short, making a comic so my project quality relies on taking a screenshot, no need for dynamic lighting and all the fixes as each “shot” will be set up. But I can not for the life of me get the lighting to work out on the roof, I cant see anything above my spotlights (project is very early stages, aware there are other problems like certain objects with bad light mapping, positioning etc).

The scenes have no windows or outside light, supplied pictures are just my last straw attempt before seeking help. I have tried;

  • Adjusted world setting regarding Lightmass
    • Indirect bounces, this shot it was 15
    • Static lighting scale 0.15
    • Indirect lighting quality 10
    • Indirect lighting smoothness 0.75
  • I have a Lightmass Importance volume.
  • The room itself is a single model, light map resolution now at 2048 in the 3d models attributes and you can see the lightmap that it is using.
  • Tried giving the closest ceiling light a point light just below to help light the roof (but that effects things below), hence photo shows example of with and without, and It may be just me but the shadow cast upon the pipes against the roof seem wrong because of it?.

It’s really just lighting surfaces behind light giving objects without creating more shadows that the original light never would have. Is this doable? Tried researching, tried Unreal Learn etc but everything centers on there being a window or sunlight.

If anyone can give me some tips, be it links to tutorials or some Hail Mary little thing I’m missing I would be grateful. To be honest though anything tutorial/etc that involves lighting from an outside source in any shape or form is probably not going to help at all methinks unless I’m very mistaken.

As a side note another issue is that the skeletal mesh soldier doesn’t cast shadows, more often the preview version of lighting it better than built… Any tips or place I can go to educate myself?

Did you find a way? I’d also like to use a skylight but have the illusion of a roof overhead…