Different VR headsets in one game session problem

Hello everyone,

I am developing a multiplayer VR game and I came across an issue. I have a Rift and a Quest 2. So to test my game, I host the game with the rift and then join that session with quest 2.

But the problem is that the client pawn does not set up correctly as I coded in my GameMode (below image shows the function for setting up a pawn for the new player. I call this function for every new player on post login) because the “exposed on spawn” variables do not initialize correctly (as I set them in spawn actor node). But server player does not have this issue.

(Another note: when I host with quest and join with rift, the quest player has no issue but on rift, the camera movement is mismatched with my head movement and again the exposed variables do not initialize correctly. Thus I thought it has something to do with the difference between server and client VR headsets (that it was expecting a quest but found a rift and confused the inputs?!)

Should client and server VR headsets be the same?
Why the “exposed on spawn” variables do not initialize as I set them in spawn actor node?