different view when launching on device

Hello! I’m trying to figure out what I did wrong here. I have a camera in the level that is set to auto-activate and also has a set aspect ratio. It is set to constrain the aspect ratio as well. I’ve set the resolution to use portrait view when I preview it in a standalone window. Everything is great. However, when I hook up my device and launch, I get something really weird. It is like the camera is taking the current view and rendering in on the skybox. It also shifts what the camera is supposed to render down the screen. Anybody know what I could be missing?

Incase anyone ever comes across this. Issue happens when “Constrain Aspect Ratio” is checked on the camera in addition to having mobile hdr and bloom enabled in the project settings under Rendering. I disabled mobile hdr, which was causing the view to be lower than it should have been, and disabling bloom got rid of the overlapping rendering effect.