Different texture quality on the same object

I’m trying to make a mobile project of an interior: I’ve made a wood material for the floor, put an armchair and an ottoman with other materials and everything on the viewport seems good

but as soon as I pack an .ipa and run it on my iPad Pro the texture quality drop

and the strangest thing is that if I go in the farther room the texture quality drop way more

and this even if it’s the same object (the floor is common for all the apartment)

other this I have a similar problem on the armchair/ottoman

on the right: the armchair is good: the normal and roughness textures of the leather and the normal texture baked of the armchair work as they should

on the left: the same textures of the leather and the normal texture baked of the ottoman don’t work, leaving the object with a sort-of-“base material”

and all these problems jump out only when I run the project on the tablet. Meanwhile I’ve tried many different setting: not streaming the textures, no mip maps, setting r.MobileContentScaleFactor with 0, 2 and 3 (and to say the truth the resolution is way better with set “3”), r.Streaming.PoolSize=2000 and r.Streaming.MipBias=0, but nothing worked and all the textures work always the same

I’m open to any suggestion

Update - the armchair/ottoman difference seemed to be a difference in the unwrapping, instead the problem on the floor persist, but I discovered a couple of things:
I’ve tried to use a texture of 2048x2048pixels instead of 1024x1024 and doubled the tiling (14-8 instead of 7-4) to see if it was a problem related to the quality of the texture

the result is even worse, now it seems a sort of minecraft effect and there are two interesting consideration to do:

these observation reminded me this old post on the answerhub
but there the staff said that problem was corrected already with 4.9 preview1 version: could these problems be related?

I noticed you mention adjusting tiling, how are you adjusting your texture coordinates? Because the traditional desktop approach can cause these artifact on mobile due to imprecision in the way texture coordinates are handled on mobile.

To fix it you should always do coordinates adjustments with Customized UVs. These are calculated at full precision in the vertex shader and should be both more performant and better looking on mobile.

Thank you, it was exactly that the problem!!! now works perfectly!