Different stencil value per mesh section

I’ve been playing around with edge highlighting using stencil buffers. I see we can do this for an entire mesh, all of its sections. Is it possible to break this down to different stencil values per mesh section? I’m using a post process material that does edge highlights in different colors depending on stencil value and I want to outline different parts of my mesh in different colors.

Looking at the source, I see that UPrimitiveComponent is the base class for all the different mesh types, and CustomDepthStencilValue is the field, but I don’t see how this connects to the rendering of it or where I might go about modifying it so that it sets different values for each mesh section’s render pass. I’m using a custom component for meshes (RuntimeMeshComponent) so I can modify the source a bit if anyone can point me to how this works in more detail. Thanks!

I noticed this thread looking for help on the same problem. Has anyone ever found a solution for this? Maybe @Pfox ?