different material on different camera/postproces volume?

Is it possible to assign 2 different postprocessor materials to 2 different objects?

I need to show same 2 objects from two different cameras.
One camera show original materials - and the other show 2 different materials - on each object.

I hope someone can help :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean with showing post process material on an object. Sounds like you are mixing up a few things :slight_smile:

Sorry If that is not clear :slight_smile:

im showing same objet with player camera and a scene capture 2d - camera.

The last camera need to show different materials than the player camera. But also different multiple materials on different objects… is that more clear?

maybe it’s not possible with post process materials - but what other options are there?

thanks :slight_smile:

(cinematic) cameras have their own post process volume so you can switch to another camera with a different post processing using sequencer. Blueprints can swap materials. You can trigger a blueprint at the same moment you trigger the sequencer. It is possible to do that in quite a few different ways.

ok - again thanks for info. but just to make sure - the objects are visible from both cameras at same time.

The Scene capture 2d camera captures scene and shows in a monitor - that they player sees - at same time he see the same object in player camera.

Does that make better sense? and is there any solutions for that?

sorry, does not make a lot of sense. Maybe you have to set up 2 scenes, one for material one and another one for material 2. An object cannot have 2 different looks at the same time. Post processing can only alter the entire scene and not a single object.

ok - again thanks for info.

Then i believe on other options is to use owner - only see by owner - or not seen by owner.

But im bit confused - is an owner - always a pawn? or can i set any blueprint/actor to be another actors owner?


What is it you are trying to achieve?
If you simply want to have a ‘scope’ or something for a night-vision camera on a sniper rifle, or whatever…: then you can simply use a Post Process material for the Capture 2D camera that does that effect - you don’t need a different material on the object to do that. You can even render objects out in to the custom depth buffer with different values for different objects, to get some really nice ‘heat’ effects on different object types, if you were to go this route.

If you only want a simple tiling material on different objects for the second camera view: you can do a world-aligned texture in the post process material, and use the custom depth buffer to blend different materials on to different objects in the post-process material.

Why do you need different materials on objects if they’re going to be rendered to a texture to look like a monitor though? Surely if a camera looks at an object and renders that on to a screen, it will look the same as if the player had looked at that object. Why do you need to use different materials? Surely what you’re trying to do can easily be achieved with a post process effect