Different lighting on simillar objects

Hello Guys,
I have problem which I can not solve - see picture, where two parts of door have different lighting, one of them is darker than the second. That is one static object. tha is also visible on the right doors - frame is lighter than the rest of doors.
Where I should looking for problem?

lightmap UVs, lightmap resolution, lightmap coordinate index or if you aren’t using baked lighting it might be due to broken vertex normals.

I am not so proficient with unreal, could you give me more info? I am importing this models from CAD software directly to Unreal.
UV maps (chanel 1) and normal maps are looking like this:

Material is asigned in Unreal Engine

Your lightmap UV’s are bad–all those small pieces will not show up correctly because they are so small, for best results you would need to do the UV mapping by hand.
It does also look like your smoothing is incorrect. And if you have normal maps make sure they are using normal map compression. Also, make sure your lightmap resolution on that mesh is high enough, the default is usually too low.

What do you mean in making UV Mapping by hand?

Basic UV mapping–you would need to define where the seams for the UV’s need to be so that you have the least amount of seams with the object flattened with the least amount of distortion. And for lightmap UV’s you need to make sure that nothing is overlapping and it all fits within the 1x1 UV space.
If you’re using an automatic method (which makes UV seams based on angles between polygons) then you won’t get very good results. By default UE4 will generate lightmap UV’s, but it’s not going to be as good as doing it yourself.

I understand, but the question is Can I do this directly in Unreal Engine or need to third software such as blender?

No, you have to do it in something else like Blender/3ds Max/Maya

For now I have something like this:

I have no idea how should look ideal lightmap for this object?