Different light intensity issue when moving light or mouse

I have a different light intensity whenever a move the main light in the scene. Basically just dropping the mouse the light is increasing the intensity.
I know this is not an issue but a set, but where can I set it up?
Same behaviour when I move the camera

anyone ? :slight_smile:

So when looking down, as in down the Z axis (not up), the light intensity increases? It’s one of 2 or 3 things that I have experienced before: auto-exposure in the post process volume is set so it auto-adjusts according to camera view, there’s an LPV (visualize it in the Show dropdown) and it’s using auto-exposure from the post process volume settings, and/or the SSAO is on and has wrong settings.

Thanks @presto423 I’ve found this tutorial that it partially solve the problem in the post-process volume.
The problem is that I would like to keep it but softer. In the example instead it is completely turned off.

I had a problem with it too, in a template level that I modified somewhat but was still basic with not much meshes. I don’t recall it starting like that at creating a new template level. I’ll try that though to see if it starts that way. If it starts that way, then it’s default settings…otherwise it’s something I change. I don’t remember what I did to solve it either, but figured it was something with auto-exposure or LPV most likely.

at the moment I’ve disable “eyes” autoexposure based on that tutorial and it works but I would like to have that kind of behaviour, just a bit softer

There’s a guide on auto-exposure and adjusting exposure settings in the docs. It’s rather technical, but I think a softer effect could be achieved with the Basic metering mode. Simply set the speed up and down values low so it’s slower to adapt / adjust, and set the Min and Max Brightness / EV100 values to be within a smaller range.

Yes this is basically what I’m doing. I also have to care about day/night system that it looks very good at the moment in my project so I’m using manual exposure with set shutter speed and yes EV min max. Thanks