Different cubemap used for reflections when I enter play mode


I’m doing some work on a UE4 project together with another developer and we use GitHub. Something weird just happened to all reflective surfaces - they display the wrong cubemap but only in play mode. Everything looks like before when we’re in edit mode. I also can’t find the (wrong) image that’s being displayed in the content browser. We haven’t touched any of this, ever (the scene was made by someone else).

Any ideas?


Just noticed something else - while in edit mode our own city cubemap is somehow merged with the Epic courtyard:

I feel like a total noob. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!

Ok, I’ve learned a thing or two about reflection capture, cube maps etc. The reason for the Epic courtyard image being displayed everywhere was that it had been selected as reflection map for the skylight, and the reflection capture actors in the scene didn’t cover all of the buildings. Simple as that.