Different build configurations


We are in the process of packaging our final build and have a question about different build configurations. We would like to make two very distinct builds, one for high-end systems and one for low-end systems. The main differences are default post processing settings and asset streaming off/on. Is it possible to use the ProjectLauncher tool to define two packaging configurations in which one overrules the defaultengine.ini settings? Or any better way to approach this?
Right now we manually change the defaultengine.ini for every build, but this is error prone and probably there are better ways to achieve what we want.

Thanks in advance!


Oke, i figured it out myself. We found out its possible to overrule most of the behavior via command-line, although not everything works by default in shipping build. We added a few additional command line options that also work in shipping build to be able to have one build, which can be tweaked using command-line options. I still didn’t find out any way to customize the build process, but for our purpose this is good enough.