Differences in brightness of meshes

Howdy :smiley:
i tried building a room using some prepared parts i modeled using cinema4D, they are quite simple as you can see and they have the same material (all options are the same too) but i still get those differences in brightness. It would be awesome if someone had an idea how to fix this! :slight_smile:

I can’t really tell what the issue from just the screenshot. It can be that your wall UV are not using 0 to 1 space, and they are overlapping. Maybe your light is not bouncing properly, did you try to use a skylight?
Can you post images of your lighting setup, and you meshes UV?

Hi Night Watcher :slight_smile:
the uvs and the setup should be ok i think:

I noticed that the error disappears when i adjust the Indirect Lighting cache Quality from ILCQ Point to ILCQ Off. If i change the setting to ILCQ Volume the difference in brightness is far less noticable. Maybe that can help in figuring out the source of the problem and in finding a solution.

Let me know if you need more detailed screenshots of the settings from the lightsources :slight_smile:

Check out this guide to troubleshoot lighting in ue4:

Also what do you mean by difference in brightness, can point out the two areas that have a different brightness?

Thanks for the link, i will go through it right away :slight_smile:

the two meshes have the same material:

Looks like a ligthmap issue. Have You looked in Unlit mode?