Difference with bindaction in playercontroller and character

I have a question about bindaction.

PlayerController has a SetupInputComponent() function and Character has it too.

  1. What is different with bindaction in playercontroller and character?
  2. Which one is better one and Why?
  3. I ever did it before and at that time, I cannot bind multiple keyboard input when I bind in character. How can I bind multiple key input? like keep press shift to make player run.

The Order is different. When you bind in character AND Controller, the character (pawn) will get a Chance to handle the Input BEFORE the playercontroller. I would Put General Input Into the PC and only pawn specific Into the pawn. ( Imagine TPS with vehicles, the PC doesn’t need to have the Logic vor driving a Car or how to walk, but it should know how to Pause the Game)