Difference tessellation close to far camera?

Hello everyone I have a problem with tessellation in landscape. How is it possible to change displacement tessellation?
I cannot find anyt utorial, can you help me please?

Any help please? Many thanks

What does any of this mean? I’m assuming you mean how to do displacement, just multiply height by vertex normal by units it should be offset by if that is your question.

Sorry, I’m talking about adaptive re-tessellation. More tessellation close to camera and less tesselletion far from camera. Do you have a good clear tutorial for landscape and object as well please?

Here you go:

The above will tessellate the **entire **object, based on its distance from the camera and will kinda work like and LOD.
I personally replace the **Actor Position **with **Absolute World Position **- this stops the tessellation to be increased for the entire object and only increase in parts of the object that are close to the camera (better for landscapes and large models) :slight_smile:

Ooook many thanks, I think it can be useful :slight_smile:

Sorry just a quick question about it. Is this a tiling reduction close to the character or is it a texture dissolving based on distance?
Because what I need to do is to have a bigger textures on far and a smaller texture tiling close to the camera

I don’t quite get the question. My post was about changing the number of triangles generated for tessellation based on camera distance from an object. That had nothing to do with textures or the displacement map used.
That being said you can adapt it to - in the final lerp node instead of 1 and 0 just connect the two textures you want to switch between based on distance (in a more basic set up you can have the two textures with different tiling set ups)

Sorry but displacement and tessellation are in relations. However I’m trying to do that :slight_smile: