Difference problem on PIE and Standalone with dedicated server UE5

I have the ‘Ship’ blueprint class (parent:Actor, replicated) with child actor inside (replicated).
Child actor has ‘ShipControl’ blueprint class (parent: Pawn, replicated) or even just an Actor class.
When I launch game in editor with New Editor Window (PIE) or Selected Viewport and dedicated (play as client mode) - it’s ok.
But when I launch game in editor with Standalone Game and dedicated - child actor disappears visually, but collision is present. I can possess this child actor (ShipControl), but can’t do anything after that.
In dedicated server log:

LogNet: NotifyActorRenamed StartupActor: DESTROYED_BP_ShipControlPanelPawn_C_CHILDACTOR_149 PreviousName: ChildActor_GEN_VARIABLE_BP_ShipControlPanelPawn_C_CAT_148