Difference in color

If you see the picture I use is much brighter compared with the object I apply it to. How can I make the mesh have same bright color as the picture I inserted?

I just figured out when I change scene to Unlit and colors become as the original. However in play they look very white and colorless even if i put direction light, also unnececary light reflection is included. How can I just make them look exactly like the .bmp ano not a pixel different?

It should be emissive then. Use RGB as Emissive output in the material. Switch the material “Shading model” to Unlit. Base Color will no longer used but Emissive only.

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if its emisive it just glows, all i need to do is represent the original picture colors

colors are completely different and making the object emissive doesnt fix this it only glows blury

I just posted a very similar problem than yours. thats crazy :slight_smile:
I want to use just flat color materials (no lights in the scene), use unlit materials and plug the desired color to emmisive channel. but the resulting output material color is always a bit brighter :frowning:

I sorted it out. You have to use PNG format picture but you cant just drag it and drop it, it must happen with right clicking on content browser and select the second option "import to … "
however after this you shouldnt drag and drop it over a mesh or bsp and create texture (maybe there is a special way to do it about this), the way u can represent it in a picture is by following this guide Unreal Engine 4.7 - Paper 2D Creating and Editing Tilemaps - YouTube
the first time i did it was with a bmp picture and it failed, now i imported png and it happened with true color, if you want to apply this to a 3D material with more sides it will become complicated or just have to find a solution for it
the most left cube is mesh drag and drop, miffle is bmp, right is png (the yellow ones)

I notice its not exactly perfect but its better than before

the pictures i compare are imported as png, you can see the tutorial color difference, there is a difference but the first impresion is impresive
better than the bright drag and drop

and about emisive materials every tutorial i found makes the objects actually glow, if its a single picture it becomes blury and the other objects are also lightened from that and this changes color to everything around

Why would you ever use .bmp?

I made new bitmap image from windows and used paint to draw my jump and run block and it remained .bmp
Do you have any idea how to make the perfect original color and to be visible to the player the same way? I played many jump and run games and some have really bright colors which i cant do here yet