Difference between World Dynamic object type and a custom one


I’m currently playing around with the ShooterGame project and one thing I’ve noticed is the particle actor that I’ve been working on would not collide with anything despite having the collision responses set to block everything. I’ve assigned my the “Particle” object type that was already defined in this project and none of the collision was working, which resulted to the particle just falling through the level and getting destroyed.

I’ve been digging around for hours and realized that setting the Object Type to “WorldDynamic” from the custom “Projectile” object type would fix all the issue and the particle would collide and bounce and stuff. I’ve thought the Object Type were basically “channels” which can be used to define how actors reacts to certain type of Object Types but it makes me think that there is something more to it.

I was wondering if anyone knew what might be causing this issue. I’ve set the “WorldDynamic” for the particle’s collision object type as a work around but ultimately I would like to be able to use the Particle object type for it.

Edit: I’ve checked a number of static meshes being used as walls and the floors and they were all set to block the Projectile object response and in the project settings, the “Projectile” object channel’s default response is set as ‘block’.

If you apply a custom object type, you may need to explicitly modify other objects on how to collide with that object type. For example if a “Projectile” custom object type is set to block “WorldStatic” walls but that wall is not set to block “Projectile” objects, it will not be blocked.

See Collision Overview for details.