Difference between Stat FPS/Stat Unit and GPU Visualizer

I’m creating something for VR, and struggling to get an acceptable framerate, so trying to figure out exactly why. Here is an image from my scene showing Stat Unit and Stat FPS:


So everything is way above what I need for VR. However, when I activate the GPU Visualizer to get a snapshot of what’s eating up the render budget, here is what I get:


What? According to the GPU Visualizer, I’m hitting a cheeky 10.08 ms for my frame! That would be AMAZING! But it’s evidently not true. These stats are fairly constant by the way - the Stat Unit / Stat FPS are fluctuating +/- tiny amounts, and I opened up loads of GPU Visualizer tabs and they all show essentially the same thing.

How could Stat Unit show around 23 ms for the GPU time, but the GPU Visualizer show 10 ms? I’m not going to be able to profile and figure out the problem is the GPU Visualizer is giving me an incorrect read of what’s going on! Or am I missing something obvious here?

Is no-one else having this problem? I’m having a real issue trying to profile what’s going on in my scene because the GPU Visualiser seems to be getting a totally different result…