Difference between mocap + VR running in editor and mocap + VR running in build -character disappears

In the Editor I was having issue where if I looked away from my mocap character then it would disappear -it’s live mocap and I figured the mocap was moving away from the root and therefore the bounds.
I set Skeletal mesh/Include Component location into Bounds = Enabled and increased the bounds scale.
In VR in the editor, the problem goes away. In a packaged build the problem comes back.
What gives?

(Unreal 4.27, Optitrack mocap steaming from a short clip)

Do you have a Physics Asset that match the Skeletal Mesh? The Physics Asset is what’s used for culling

hi VictorLerp - yes I do have a physics asset on the skeleton. Are you saying the culling is different in editor to in VR?

Hi doing more testing - the actor is using a skel mesh which does have a physics asset. I understood that it’s the bounds that control culling, not the physics? If it is the physics is there some way to make the physics bigger so it doesn’t get culled?
Anyways the thing is disappearing when its near to the Vr user on the left and right sides as if the frustum is forward of the players head or something.This does not happen in VR preview in editor, only in packaged build in VR. Im using an Open XR type pawn