Did UE 4.24 change the retainer box behaviour?

After updating to the new unreal version 4.24.1, it seems like the retainer boxes have changed in functionallity.

In our game, we show a leaderboard after a game is finished. Now, If we have a server with lots of players in it, we can’t show them all on one screen. That’s why we use a scrollbox that autoscrolls through the leaderboard. In order to make the scrolling smooth, we use a retainerbox that renders the leaderboard only once, prior to autoscrolling. This way, all elements inside the scrollbox won’t render/move individually every frame and thus making the scrolling smooth.

In unreal version 4.24 however, the retainerbox only renders the part of the scrollbox that’s visible on the screen. So, if we scroll down, new elements aren’t rendered on screen. Thus leaving the rest of the scrollbox invisible. This makes the use of a retainerbox for our leaderboard completely useless.

Did Unreal make a change to their retainer boxes? (I can’t find anything in the release notes) Is it a bug? Or wasn’t the retainer box supposed to render everything inside the scrollbox, even elements that weren’t visible on screen, and they fixed it now? Is there an alternative to the retainerbox in 4.24 that has the same functionallity as in 4.23?