Did the Fortnite project's github closed?


Where can I find it?

Can’t find the project on github now, did it closed?

I can’t find it either … not that I looked before. I guess it might have been made private and not necessarily closed.

Out of curiosity. What are you guys talking about ? ;o

Would love to know that as well ^^

There’s a game being developed internally at Epic called Fortnite and its previously-accessible source code GitHub repo is missing. Or at least that’s what I gleaned. I didn’t even know its source was visible.

Maybe they are enjoying the success of the engine & UT so much that they want to open Fortnite up to the community to give a hand with :> Think of all the free playtesters and bug fixers that would love to say thanks for the free (+5% Royalty) engine :>

Only speculation though :>

Was it avaliable?

I always thought it was only UT4 which is developed with available source code. As far as I’m aware fortnite is being developed as a normal game by epic. Closed source and then later on being sold and all that good stuff…

I have tought so much, but it seemed so much impossible that i thought I must be wrong.

Though I guess anything is possible.

It’s going to be f2p, so it might no be much unlikely.

Does it really was available?
I was waiting for alpha like crazy and you say that I could simply download current dev. version all that time?

They are not developing it to look nice (well as well but that’s not the main reason). is supposed to earn money. Yea they won’t sell the game itself but I do hope you know better as to think that f2p games don’t gain any money and can therefore just go and make their source available. Quite the opposite. They only work because the main servers are only hosted by the company creating the game and can therefore sell ingame items (even if they are just visuals).

Fortnite is being developed by Epic games, and it’s source code has never been available from Github for UE4 subscribers.

You can sign up for access to the Beta using the link in your launcher, or by going here:

But the actual source code was/is not available. :slight_smile:

As I said … I never looked for it before … but when I looked now it wasn’t there. So I can only go on what the OP stated … 8-}

Making source available to public, doesn’t mean people will start hosting custom servers like crazy.
Let’s face basic facts here:

  1. Most people don’t know how to do it.
  2. Most people are just to lazy to do it, and will prefer for someone to do it for them.
  3. The part that left won’t invest enough money to actually make such servers any good.

But as I said, I think it’s unliekly they would made Fortnite code available on github.

Though if there really was repository on Github for a while, it means, that they either host it on github for their own puroses, custom licensees have access to it, it is part of today surprise.

Who knows ?

I am going with one … can’t bare the thought of free kittens … 8-p

Maybe I made a mistake, it’s UT not Fortnite.

LOL … well in that case … I can still see it. 8-}