Dialogue Tree V3

The new update is delayed guys, i am almost re-making all the logic from scratch, but i promise you much more easy editing and many new features!
Thanks for patience.

Thank you very much for your work! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Can I integrate another quest system into your dialogue system without problems?

Hello, this is possible but you should be experienced with blueprints, because quest system is tied with dialogues a bit, so to swap this quest system to other one you should edit blueprints.

Hello everyone, the update for 4.15 is done (but not released yet, working on documentation) it provides alot and alot more features and simplifies the workflow as much as possible, it will include Mini-map system that can show quest’s and NPC locations(and custom ones if needed), and much upgraded quest logic, with rewards and multi-tasks, also more easy dialogue editing. I am writing a documentation now, so it may take few days because there is much more to explain. Thanks everyone for patience, i hope you will like it!

Good to hear, looking forward to it!

Thanks for all the effort! I’m also looking forward to it!

Update for 4.15 is released, documentation is included, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Hello, if anyone found the bug in example map with Frank’s quest (cannot be finished), here is a way to fix it, open up his blueprint, and change choice index from 2 to 1.


Hi there, so if I am going to use this in 4.14 the difference will be no mini-map and the older dialogue edit system, or has it updated for 4.14 as well. Oh never mind, I have now moved my project to 4.15.

Hello, I am following you video tutorial, but the “Dialogue_Data” table you refer to at time 2:04 in the video no longer exists, has it been changed to “Dlg_NPC_Data”?

In 4.15 the “Dialogue_Data” table you refer to at 2:04 no longer exists, has it been changed to “Dlg_NPC_Data”? Also there are changes in several of the BP’s and they are no longer the same as this video, are you planing on making an updated video tutorial? As it is very hard to figure out with the new setup you have implemented.

very disappointing, i buy it, at the first step i get a bucket load of errors, i just added the behavior component to my already existing character, and bam,errors all around, any help please

Please consider creating a new Video Tutorial done using version 4.16. The Written setup info is very difficult to follow and a new video would be so much much better and easier!!

Hello, the new video tutorial will be soon.

i am sorry this happens, i can’t find anything on my side, maybe you did install it wrong?

New update 3.0 is released just now!

Uploaded video tutorials, if you have any questions please reply to support email.

This is a very powerful and complex system with tons of options for customization, documentation is not great, but their email support has been excellent.

Now on sales!