Dialogue Tree V3

[FONT=Arial Black]Dialogue Tree and Quest System is V3 Now.
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Complex and Flexible, blueprint-based dialogue system.

[FONT=Arial Black]-Features
Complex dialogue builder with ability to mix cinematics with dialogues.
Settings for Cameras, Animations, Sounds, behaviors.
Multiply NPC dialogue, add many NPC’s to single dialogue, and access them via prefix!
Create quests on the fly, included quest journal with objectives, and completed quests tab
Example map have many NPC’s with dialogues and quests
Have ability to create Non-Linear and Linear, also dynamic dialogues.
Full Gamepad/Keyboard support
Fully working save/load system.
Documentation as video tutorials.

sounds very interesting to me ! Do you have a demo ?
kind regards

Sorry not yet, i will add demo soon.

Playable demo is added

Interesting but…
In the Demo
I can only view the NPC name
How to interact with them? No any help in the demo

Oh sorry i forgot about input tutorial, press E to interact/start dialogue - right mouse button to skip forward replies.

Some questions.

  1. How are quests stored if not using CSV
  2. Can quest data be saved and stored?
  3. Can quest status persist through multiple level loads?

Everything is stored in arrays, they can be saved and stored between levels.
There is no saving system yet, but it is planned and will be added in next update.

Updated to 4.14, added example save/loading system, alot improvements and fixes also updated documentation.
Ask me if someone have any questions or troubles.

Updated now 2.0 with alot new features, and more complex dialogue/quests creating, fully working save/load system.

Thank you fou your work! :smiley:

Thank you too! The new update is coming with few improvements, the documentation and changelog.

Do you mean 2.0 update or even newer one?)

BTW I really like your works and today I’m going to buy your QTE System too. :o

The newer one, thanks mate i’m glad you like it)

Hi again!

I just successfully connected your QTE plugin to our game project. It works great! And next is dialogue’s turn. :slight_smile:

But I have a few questions: If I migrate dialogue plugin right now, will it be easy to update it when a new version will be released? Or is it better just to wait for the new update?
And roughly when do you plan to release a new update?

Thanks, Well - it is already released, ask me if you have any issues.

Ok, thank you! :smiley:

I think I probably found a bug. If you continue to press “E” after start of the dialogue, it will generate additional dialog windows.

I can fix it myself, just wanted to let you know, just in case.

Thanks for finding it out, i was sure that this is not possible(there is dialogue check func), i’ll check it when i will be at home.

yet it was bug, seems i forgot that i detached it for some tests, for anyone i leave this here until new update will be released.
New update is coming soon (week or two) and will have more improvements and updates,
i provide change-log for everyone that modified this pack to compare what is changed, and update those by yourself.

i leave this pic how to fix this, just plug this node in dialogue_component’s event graph, and everything should work fine.