Dialogue System

Has anyone messed with the dialogue system, as in, the Dialogue Wave and Dialogue Voice assets you can create in the content browser?

I’ve been messing around with them but there is no documentation or hint of it’s existence anywhere. I’m not sure I understand what they are suppose to be used for and why they are better than just playing a sound cue. I’m currently working on an adventure game with dialogue, and until Epic or someone in the community writes some documentation on it, I’d just like to know what others know of it and if it’s purpose is what I’m intending it to be.

Thank you,

Hi Corey-
This is the initial start of our dialog playback and localization systems. The asset types are there, but the system isn’t in just yet. We are currently working on it and the first version of the feature should be in soon.

Any news on this?

Yep, any news?

Edit: Oh this is already functional. Very nice!
From the docs:

Misses a way to set the subtitle font however :
I also have no idea how to get access to “Spoken Text”. Should have options for multiple localized text.