Diagnosing a Crash in the Wild


A week ago I launched my game on Android and we have worked through most of the launch issues. However, there is this consistent crash a small % of users are getting which doesn’t allow them to play the game. I have gone back and forth with these guys a few times, and have run out of troubleshooting options. It isn’t the device because one guy has the exact device I test on (S7)

What is the best process to diagnose crashes “in the wild” when you cannot possibly repro?
I get a few crash reports in the google play dashboard but they are pretty opaque…not sure what to do with them or if they are even related.

  • Is there a way to upload a APK to beta that will create a crash log I can get the tester to send to me?
  • Any other suggestions or steps to follow that could give me a thread to pull on?

I am stumped on how to proceed, any help would be hugely appreciated!

Try Crashlytics, and someone already made a plugin for that.