Diablo like game. Where to start?

Hello. I’m absolute beginner with an engine. For learning purposes I want to create some sort of Diablo game. I want to create a simple level with monsters and destructible environment and possibility to play with/versus friends. Where should I start? I saw top down template is something what I need for camera and controls. But what modules/components/classes (don’t know how to call it correctly) should I use for, say, destructible cube, following and attacking foes, networking?

Start with a simple task. E.g. take the top-down template and implement an attack animation. From that take the attack animation and make it apply damage (e.g. with the radial damage function). From there try to expand your game further and further in little steps.

You can check some networking behaviors here

Thank you. I’m studying YouTube channel now. Order66 don’t want to insult you, but you’re saying obvious things. It would be great for me to hear something like: for animation play you need class A, for damage class B and example C, for destructibles class D etc. There’s a lot of information and possibilities so I simply lost.

Have a look at the Strategy Game example then. There you can see for yourself how you can achieve things like playing animation, damage behaviour, AI, etc.

For destructibles:
Also, checkout the Destructibles map in the Content Examples sample project.

Thank you.