I know that dfgi is not finished yet but it is good enough for my project .
My question is : Am I allowed to use it in my commercial project?

sorry if this is in the wrong section

You are allowed to use every feature of the UE4 in your commercial project :wink:

Here you can see how DFGI works ->

Yes you can, anything available in the engine can be used as governed by the EULA license, any/all features in the engine can be used.

It’s not so much a matter of can you, it’s more should you (as you mentioned, it is not fully supported). That part is up to you and your projects needs, but I will say DFGI seems to be far enough along development for it a viable option.

EDIT: looks like fighter out ninja’d me… :wink:

Thank you fighter5347 and DotCam :smiley: