DFAO problems, random blackness.

I have quite a problem getting DFAO to work properly on some of my meshes. I’ve tried everything I can think of with no luck.

My scene is setup with a directional light sun and a skylight. The skylight seems to be causing the issues as when I turn the shadowing off from that, every problem (and shadow) disappears. Here are my DF settings in my skylight. I’ve tried changing everything and these settings give me the “best” results.

My model scales are 1 , so it’s not scaling thats causing the issue either.

I’ve gone through the official page as well as Tim Hobsons page with no luck so far.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Here are screenshots:

Cliffs with “affect distance field lighting” on

Cliffs with “affect distance field lighting” off

Here’s the ‘mesh distance field’ visualizer

Here’s the DFAO only

Here I bumped the mesh DF resolution scale from 1 to 3 which helped very little.

Here’s the bumped up mesh resolution at normal view

I do see some change after bumping the default resolution from 1 to 3, however how expensive is that? By the look of things I’d have to raise it to like 20 or something for it to look decent, but I fear that may be way too much. How high do people generally bump their DF resolution scale on meshes?