DFAO not working?


I am trying to get some AO working.
Here is a visualization of AO:
DFAO disabled

DFAO enabled:

As you can see, no difference.

Distance Fields are activated for the mesh. Engine Scalability Settings are on Epic.

Maybe because the terrain doesn’t have Distance Fields?


Is your Skylight set to Dynamic?

You mean movable? Yes

What does the viewport look like if you type ‘show distancefieldao’ in the console? (Not in Buffer Visualization view of course)

Apologies, yes, I meant Movable. That’s the only thing I could think of.

Does not change anything unfortunately

if you’re using the foliage tool try cheking the "affect distance field lighting " ans see if it’s working

Thanks it worked! I have a little bug though:

as you might see the heather DFAO looks ugly with blurred “points”