DFAO not available in VR?

Hello guys,

In the editor mode and play mode on monitor , DFAO is total working fine, but when in VR preview mode, all DFAO is gone.

BTW, I have turn on “Generate mesh Distance Fields” and “Instanced Stereo”.

So, I want to know it that DFAO can’t work in VR? Or it something I missed?

I need help, thank you so much.

Hey looks like it’s not going to be implemented in VR any time soon unfortunately:


See links below

Most people won’t be able to access that, so there’s not much point in posting that link here.

Looks like it won’t be fixed any time soon - Unrealengine123 has put the case for DFAO in VR being a bug and Epic has entered it:


See bug here:

Ah sorry - didn’t even think of that. Fairly new to posting, please see message above.


I am guessing there is no new VR projects coming from Epic and thus they re-focus on whatever else they are working on, after releasing Robo Recall.