DFAO has strange pattern with Landscape

In 4.12 Distance Field is broken if Landscape is present.

UE4.12.2 from the Unreal Launcher,

Windows 10, GTX 670, i5-3570, 16gb RAM

If Scene has Landscape DFAO has strange pattern.

Video demonstration:- YouTube

Example Project
link text

Hey BorodMorod,

I actually just tested this issue on my end and did not see the same results. My machine is a bit different than yours so this could be a hardware or operating system specific issue.

Be sure you are working on the latest Nvidia Drivers and your Engine Scalability Settings are set to Epic. I will run a test on the Windows 10 machine we have here to see if it could be related to the operating system.


I have updated the drivers today, but no effect

The bug seen in 4.12, 4.11 worked fine


I’ve now tested this on two different machines using both DX11 and DX12 just in case that made a difference, but I am still not seeing the issue on my end. Unless I can get it to reproduce on a machine here, I am unable to enter a bug report.

Would you happen to have another computer which you can test on to verify this is not specific to your machine?


I tested on another computer, it works fine, the problem is probably with my GPU.

You will need some more information? Logs, Screens, etc?

DFGI also has visual artefacts with landscape ;(

If i’m comment source code in CompositeHeightfieldsIntoGlobalDistanceFieldCS function in GlobalDistanceField.usf, my DFAO looks normal.

This sounds like it is tied to your specific machine or project, and you have found a way to work around the issue. For now I am going to close this as resolved since, unless this becomes more of a widespread issue and can be reproduced across multiple machines, there is not much in the way of entering a bug report.

I have same problem after add standard cube and do non uniform scale. On my project with datasmith from sketcup I have this bug in full scene