DFAO Foliage backside very dark

I got a problem with the way my foliage assets interact with DFAO.
The backside of the leaves is almost completely black, this is cause by DFAO, even if the foliage is set to generate DF as two-sided or if DF is disabled via generating the mesh-DF at Resolution = 0.

I also noticed that the DFAO is affecting the meshes even if “Affect distance field lighting” is not checked. The DF representation of the mesh seems not to affect the ao at all, as the ao persists even if the mesh DF is generated with a resolution of 0 and the Distance field Visualisation shows there is no representation left.

The only way to disable the AO artifacts on the foliage is to disable shadows on the skylight, which gets rid of all the DFAO. Is there a way to stop the DFAO from darkening the downfacing sides of the leaves so much without ruining the general level AO or to turn of DFAO for just the foliage assets?

DFAO enabled

DFAO disabled

Mass Foliage Screenshot DFAO enabled

Here are some more Images that show the issue better. Does anyone know why this is happening to my foliage?
As with the other assets, the Foliage assets are set to not affect DF and have two-sided DF checked. As you can see, the lower side of the two sided foliage is pitch black. This is definetly caused by the DFAO, as the issue goes away as soon as I set r.DistanceFieldAO 0.